“People are not coming and going” – Interview with Jan Burmeister and Rainer Tom

Two German attorneys, who live and work in Budapest slowly for more than two decades now. What are they exactly doing in Hungary? How are they feeling themselves in the capital? What kind of advice can they give to young legal professionals? We have made an interview with Jan Burmeister and Rainer Tom, partners of bnt attorneys in CEE.

The discussion was everything but ordinary. For the first time in Arsboni’s history, we have chosen the video format instead of the written one for the interview. Jan and Rainer are both Germans, but they use English and Hungarian in their profession everyday too, so we have used all of these three languages in our discussion.

We have touched several topics, so our talk lasted for more than an hour. However countless exciting thoughts were expressed, we had to stay strict by editing, because the goal was to create a videoclip which is whatchable even on a metro trip. After few attempts, we reached the point where we could gladly say that the videoclip was ready in a way we originally planned: short but meaningful.

We are thankful to Jan and Rainer and bnt attorneys in CEE, in general, for making this videoclip possible and for their constructive comments too. The reporter and editor of the interview was Kristóf Molnár, with the help of Dorottya Gyarmati in designing and Benedek Molnár p.g.a. in producing.

Finally, we are gladly presenting you the video interview. Although it is the first visually based interview of ours, we can promise you, it will not be the last piece. If you have any comments to it, feel free to share them with us by sending an email to kristof.molnar@arsboni.hu.


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